School Policies


  1. We expect our students to be punctual, regular, neatly dressed and polite in behavior.
  2. Students should reach the school five minutes before the prayer bell. Late comers are not entertained.
  3. For a strong foundation in educational career, everyday presence is at the base. Parents are expected to see that their pals be regular in school.
  4. Parents are requested o send their pals in clean, tidy and complete School- Uniform to school or to any programme / outgoing / picnic organized by the school. No Compromise on this point.
  5. The school staff takes full care of each and every child in the School as well as during School programmes. However if, during any circumstances beyond control, a mishap may happen, for which Principal, Teachers, Members of the Staff and the Management will not be responsible.
  6. The Progress report card of the student is sent to the Guardian before 10th of every month starting from August. Please see that it is returned to the class teacher immediately.
  7. If you observe any unwanted or problematic behavior in your child, consult the Principal without wasting time.
  8. Nobody shall be allowed to visit classroom. Please contact the Principal first.
  9. During the school hours no student is granted permission to leave the school-premises. In case of emergency the guardian should submit a written application to the Principal.
  10. The parents are requested not to allow their wards to put on ornaments or to carry mobiles, I-pods or any gadgets to the school. The school is not responsible for any loss or damage.
  11. Students, suffering of contagious disease, should not be sent to school. In such a case, parent should submit application with a Doctor’s certificate.
  12. The school fees are to be paid during the fixed dates. The late-payers are liable to pay late-fee charges.
  13. The fee structure is per term. There are two terms in a year. If a student leaves the school in the middle of a term, he / she will be required to pay full fees of the term.
  14. If a student is found irregular in attendance or study or have behavioural problems, a warning will be given once. If no change or improvement is found, disciplinary actions will be taken against him/her, which may result in a dismissal. Parents are requested to be observe their ward’s day-today activities.
  15. Parents are requested to send their wards to school or to any programs / outing / picnic organized by the school in clean and complete School Uniform. A child without uniform is not entertained.
  16. Parents, Guardians or anyone else must not go to the classroom to meet the child or the teacher, when the classes are on. For any work see the Principal only.
  17. If the parents observe any unwanted or problematic behavior in their child, they should consult the Principal immediately. Please inform in advance.