Excellence in Academics

Across country when we observe students while they are studying, we often find them doing the following things:

  • Preparing model responses for a given set of questions.
  • Trying to memorize and reproduce those model responses through repeated reading & writing.
  • High scores in exams are often achieved by writing identical responses as printed in the textbooks.

Thus, for their entire school life students practice reproduction of model responses through memory.

However, the problem is – there is not a single job in the market that pays you to reproduce the text in timely manner. As a result, we have graduates who have degrees but are not employable. Vishwabharati challenges this paradigm of schooling.

We strongly believe thatwe need people who can apply knowledge and create new knowledge in today’s times. For this, we experiment with various pedagogies in teaching-learning process:

  • Higher order questioning & discussion methods
  • Experiments & demonstrations
  • Case study & project work methods
  • Role plays & academic games
  • Digital simulations through smartboards

Vishwabharati students go beyond the Guajrat board syllabus and…

  • Take competitive examinations like Olympiads, Talent Search, Drawing Exams.
  • Actively participate in National Children’s Science Congress
  • Go to numerous educational field-trips
  • Participate in Annual Science & Commerce Fair organized by the school.